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Specializing in Quality Child Care, Education and Guidance in Gloucester County Since 1982 

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  • TODDLERS N TOTS ensures a safe, secure environment for your child.
  • Children and staff must have their temperature taken daily upon arrival.
  • All staff members must wear a mask at all times. 
  • Children 2 years old and over are required to wear a mask when entering and exiting the building throughout the day except for:  eating, napping, exercising and outdoor play.  
  • Staff escorts the children to and from their classrooms to the parent daily.
  • HAND WASHING with soap and warm water are required: when entering the classroom in the morning and from the playground before snacks and lunch, after toileting.  
  • Children should remain home if there are signs of: fever, cough, rash, runny nose or vomiting.
  •                                                ELECTRONIC SANITIZER GUN: The classrooms, bathrooms, toys,  lobby, and high traffic areas are sanitized numerous times throughout the day.  

Patricia Zeck, Director 

270 Landing Road

Clarksboro, NJ  08020