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Terrific Twos

Ages: 2 to 3 years old

Children must be 2 by October 1st.

Enrollement accepted 4 or 5 days only per week.

Our Terrific Twos large, spacious classroom provides a great learning environment.  

  • Circle Time – This teacher led instructional time includes a flag salute with a patriotic song, learning about weather using the weather bear, colors, shapes and numbers, along with flash cards.

  • Monthly Newsletter – parents will receive the monthly newsletter with a calendar of events

  • Daily Notes – to inform you of your child’s day, such as, diapering, nap time, and activities

  • Hand Washing – Hands are washed when entering the classroom, before morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack, and, when returning from the playground

  • Lunch – lunches are provided by the parent and can be heated as needed in our microwaves

  • An Individual Warm Wash Cloth – is provided for each child at mid-morning, lunch, and mid-afternoon snack daily

  • Nap Time – your child is placed on a cot labeled with their name with custom sheets that we provide that are laundered on site. Additionally, parents must provide a small-sized blanket with their child’s name on it.

  • Potty Training – Although children potty train at their own pace, a daily sticker chart is utilized to encourage potty training.  The teacher, assistant, and the parents work together as a team to promote the best environment for potty training success.  Upon successfully completing potty training, the children receive a certificate of completion.


Beginning of Craft Caterpillars
Craft Caterpillars

The Toddlers and Terrific Twos separately share and enjoy this private fenced playground with colored safety surfacing.  A treehouse promotes large motor skill development and lots of fun playing with friends.  During our summer camp, children enjoy fun water activities such as playing with the water table and sprinklers.