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Safety and Security


      Security  Door 


The security door features an electronic access “key fob.” Each parent and staff members have an individual recorded “key fob” to enter the building.

 Security Cameras and Monitors

Sixteen Digital cameras are monitoring every classroom, the playground, and a full view of the Before and After School supervised bus stop. The afternoon school coordinator rides with the children from the East Greenwich Schools non-stop to Toddlers ‘N Tots.

Fire Drills Conducted Monthly

Each teacher utilizes their class attendance list to ensure all children are present, accounted for, and safe.


East Greenwhich Township Volunteer Fire Company

During Fire Prevention Week our East Greenwhich Township Volunteer Fire Company oversees our fire drill procedures for the safety and well being of all of the children.  We grately appreciate their service.  They take the time to interact with the children and allow them to visit the fire trucks.  They also educate the children about fire safety and 911 services.  This anual event is special to all of the children.  They enjoy wearing their own fire fighter hats and love the coloring books given to them by the fire fighters. We appreciate our East Greenwhich Volunteer Fire Fighters and all they to do serve our community. 

Generac Commercial Generator 

When a power outage occurs at Toddlers ‘N Tots, the generac commercial generator will continue to provide power for the safety of the children, staff and parents.