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Toddlers ‘N Tots Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

 What are your hours of Operation?  

TNT is Open from 7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday, year-round.  

 What forms do you need before my child begins class?   

A signed Enrollment Policy, an Emergency Contact Form, a current immunization record and a Universal Health Form   

Do you provide lunches?

Lunches are not provided because we feel the parents should be the ones to choose what foods your child should eat for lunch.  However, we do provide a microwave in every classroom and the staff is happy to heat the lunch that you send in with your child.  Toddlers ‘N Tots provides a mid morning and mid afternoon snack daily.

 What if my child has food allergies? 

If you child has a specific allergy please let the office know upon enrollment so we can take precautions to protect your child.  TNT is NOT A NUT-FREE school.  

 What if my child gets sick during the day? 

Due to the State of New Jersey’s Health Requirements if your child displays any of the following symptoms: Diarrhea Vomiting, Fever, 100.4 or above, Severe Coughing, Skin Rashes, Red Eyes W/discharge

TNT’s policy states:  You will be called to pick up your child immediately and must be out 24 hours regardless of a doctor’s diagnosis.”

 Will you administer medicine if needed during the day?  

TNT staff will administer medications. A doctor’s note is required, including the child’s name, dosage and administration method.  Parents must also complete a Medication Administration Release Form upon arriving with the medication.  

 Do I have to pay tuition if my child is absent for any reason?

Yes, the Office of Licensing requires us to maintain our student/staff ratios.  We plan our staff schedule based on the days your child is scheduled to attend.  Our school expenses continue when one or several children are absent. 

How do parents get notified for emergency closings?  

Emergency closings will be posted on our website:  www.toddlersntotspreschool.com   If the governor of New Jersey declares a State of Emergency TNT will be closed.

 Are you closed for holidays?                                                                               

Yes, TNT is closed for the following holidays:  New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  TNT also closes at 3 pm on Christmas Eve.  If the holiday falls on a Saturday, TNT will be closed Friday.  If the holiday falls on a Sunday, TNT will be closed Monday.

 What type of security does Toddlers N Tots have?  

TNT was the first childcare school in Gloucester County to install a security system featuring electronic access “key fobs”, and 16 digital monitoring cameras.  Each parent or designated person pickup person  must purchase an individual recorded “key fob” to enter the building at any time.  

Sixteen Digital cameras are monitoring every classroom, the playground, and a full view of the Before and After School supervised bus stop. 

 What is the Drop off and pick up procedure? 

Only persons authorized to pick up your child may do so and identification is checked at the door for those not familiar to the staff members.  

Do you practice Fire Drills and Lockdown drills?  

Fire Drills are conducted monthly.  Each teacher utilizes their class attendance list to ensure all children are present, accounted for, and safe, after they have evacuated the building.  Lockdown Drills are practiced semi-annually to help keep the children safe from possible outside threats.  

 Is Toddlers N Tots a Licensed Child care Center? 

Yes, Toddlers N Tots is licensed by the State of New Jersey and is inspected by the New Jersey Office of Licensing.

 Is there a minimum number of days my child must attend? 

Yes, Toddlers N Tots is an academic school and consistency is the key to success. Infants and Small Ones (3months – 18 months) must attend 5 days per week.  Toddlers Class (ages 18 months to 2+ years) minimum 4 or 5 days per week, Terrific Twos through Prekindergarten the minimum is 3 days per week.     Does my child need to be potty trained? 

Diapers and wipes need to be supplied by the parents for the following classes: Infants, Small Ones, Toddlers, and Terrific Twos.   The Terrific Twos is our potty training classroom.  Parents will be given our TNT’s policy when they are ready to begin potty training.  Although we recognize that every child potty trains at their own pace, we will begin potty training in our Terrific Twos Class.  Changing facilities are  unavailable in our Preschool (3 year old class) and Prek Class (4 year olds).  Children entering these rooms must be fully potty trained.  

  Do you take children on field trips? 

Pre-pandemic the Preschool and PreK classes went on trips almost monthly.  Terrific Twos, Preschool and our Prek classes went to Storybook Land each spring.  We are anxiously awaiting a time when we may again take the children on these exciting adventures.  Additional fees are required for students and chaperones.  

 Are tours of the school available? 

Yes, tours are available but you must schedule either between 9 to 11:30 am or 3 to 5 pm. Tours will not be scheduled during lunch or nap time which is 11:30 am to 3:00 pm.