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Ages: 6 weeks to 12 months

Enrollment accepted 4 or 5 days a week


     The spacious INFANTS room offers a stimulating environment to help form a foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our Todlers ‘N Tots lead teacher provides personalized care in a loving and nuturing atmosphere :


The infant room offers a warm, caring, and secure environment where the infants are held and fed their bottles in a cozy rocking chair.

Babies enjoy exploring their room full of stimulating toys and books. Therefore, we limit the amount of time they spend in play seats and swings.

The infant curriculum feature a monthly theme with a plush puppet friend, storybooks and a musical CD. Parents will receive a monthly newletter with a calendar of events as well as a daily note to document your child’s day.

The Infants Area Features:

  • Age Appropriate Toys and Activities to stimulate your infant’s curiosity and growth

  • Bottles – Infants are held by a teacher and fed their bottles in a cozy rocking chair.

  •  An individual warm wash cloth is used daily after lunch and snacks.

  • Tummy Time and Baby Gym Time includes daily stretching exercises on colorful interactive Activity Mats to stimulate large motor skills.




  • Mirror with the attached bar provides practice for standing as a step towards walking.

  • Music is played or nursery ryhmes are introduced, as well as age appropriate songs throughout the day. Music selections include Baby Einstein and classical. Teachers also interact with singing and puppets.  Soothing music is played throughout nap time daily.




  • Small Motor Skills are developed with our numerous Stackables such as rings, shape games, puzzles, blocks and balls

Activity Mat our infants enjoy crawling and climbing on the activity mat designed especially for this age group 

A  large spacious private deck with a retractable awning provides a fun environment to enjoy the outdoors.