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Age: 12 months to 18 months

Enrollment Accepted for 4 or 5 days only per week

Our Toddlers monthly curriculum offers plush puppets, books, songs and sign language words that are introduced with each fascinating curriculum.  This keeps children engaged and allows for social interaction while participating in developmental activities.

  • Monthly Newsletterparents will receive the monthly newsletter with a calendar of events

  • Daily Notes – to inform you of your child’s day, such as, feeding, diapering, nap time, and activities

  • Lunch – lunches are provided by the parent and can be heated as needed in our microwaves
  • An Individual Warm Wash Cloth – is provided for each child at mid-morning, lunch, and mid-afternoon snack daily
  • Nap Time – your small one is placed on a cot labeled with your child’s name with custom sheets that we provide that are laundered on site. Additionally, parents must provide a crib-sized blanket.
  • Small Motor Skills  – are developed using shapes, puzzles, blocks and balls

  • Large Motor Skills a large colored activity mat for crawling and climbing, as well as dancing and creative movement, along with exercise and marching with musical instruments

  • Outdoor Deck – A large, spacious and private deck with a retractable awning provides a fun environment to enjoy the play house, kicks balls, chase bubbles, and ride their ride toys, while having fun with their toddler friends