before and after school

Explorers 1
Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

Explorers 2
3rd Grade to 5th Grade

270 Landing Road Clarksboro, NJ

Building lasting friendships at Toddlers 'N Tots


Our awesome year-round staff keeps our Explorers busy in and out of the classroom with Before and After School Fun and with our Super Summer Camp all summer long! All staff at Toddlers 'N Tots meets the following requirements and qualifications: background check, fingerprinting, first aid, and C.P.R. 

The Before School Fun program at Toddlers 'N Tots opens at 7am for the convenience of parents to drop off their "Explorers" before heading to work. Students are encouraged to bring breakfast in the morning if arriving before 8am to enjoy while socializing with peers. A microwave is available at our facility. 

The Before School Fun program allows our Explorers to relax and socialize with peers before their day of fun and learning ever gets started.

Computers and Wii
Fun with computers and our Wii console help integrate technology into our Explorers' day-to-day activities while encouraging computer literacy.

 Board games are a wonderful way to introduce critical thinking and strategy to your Explorer all the while socializing and having fun!

before school fun activities

  • Arts and crafts
  • Relax and socialize
  • Play video games (Playstation and Wii)
  • Computer play
  • Reading library
  • Lego building
  • Board games
The After School Fun program at Toddlers 'N Tots runs Monday through Friday from 3:40pm to 6:00pm with early arrival at 1:00pm, giving Explorers the time to unwind, enjoy a snack while socializing, catch up on homework, and enjoy various activities in the company of friends.

Homework time starts at 4:30pm and is supervised by our professional staff so your child can complete their
work before heading home!

Arts & Crafts
Through arts and crafts, your child will apply their imagination in fun, new ways while developing motor skills in the process of crafting.
Physical Activity

Fresh air and physical activity promote being active and helps your child expel extra energy on the sports field and playground!

after school fun activities

  • Indoor/outdoor afternoon snack
  • Soccer, volleyball, baseball, and basketball
  • Playground, swings, and rock-climbing wall
  • Video games (Playstation and Wii)
  • Arts and crafts
  • Reading library
  • Lego building


Elementary students are welcome to attend at a daily rate when area schools are closed for any emergency, including early dismissals, winter and spring breaks. Currently-enrolled students or previous summer campers are eligible for this service. Call the office at 856.423.4242 to register your child today!

Bus safety at Toddlers 'N Tots

Bus Schedule

We provide private non-stop bus transportation with a supervised stop in front of TNT.  The bus coordinator rides the bus every afternoon from Jeffery Clark and Samuel Mickle Schools to  Toddlers 'N Tots to ensure all children arrive safely.



EARLY Arrival


Legos are more than just fun. Our Lego stations encourage teamwork, creativity, and experimentation, helping Explorers develop lateral thinking and organizational skills. At Toddlers 'N Tots, we help build imagination one brick at a time!

Fun with our Lego station at Toddlers 'N Tots