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Age: Younger Infants 2 months to 12 months  


     Our INFANTS Room offers a warm, caring and secure environment where the Infants are held and fed their bottles in a cozy rocking chair.

     The Infant’s daily schedule is followed.  Infants enjoy exploring their room full of stimulating toys and activities, therefore, play seats and swings are limited.

The caregiver sings and recites nursery rhymes to encourage language development and does Tummy Time and Baby Gym stretching exercises daily.



     OurINFANTS curriculum helps infants develop new skills everyday!

     Each month a new plush puppet shares learning fun with searches, songs, visual tracking exercises and listening skills.  New songs, games, books and sign language words are introduced throughout the curriculum.

     The Older Infants enjoy leisurely rides around our enclosed grounds in our 4 seat stroller with a canopy. Both the Older and Younger Infants enjoy their private deck with a full size awning.

     Your Infant will have all the tender loving care that is so vital for their comfort and contentment.